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I've had a passion for health and fitness ever since I was old enough to think. Except when injured, I've never missed a single days workout in the gym. At the age of 4, before even understanding anything about drugs, alcohol or tobacco, I found myself refusing to experiment with things like that. Because of this, my friends thought me to be very unusual. When my mother took me grocery shopping, I always checked the labels and insisted that she buy only products with the highest nutritional value. Through 40 years of personal trial, I developed my own special superfood blend that consisted of the most dense and vast sources of nutrition known to science. After a serendipitous meeting with a brilliant supplement formulator, I decided to find a way for everyone to benefit from this remarkable product... and Total Body Maintenance (or TBM) was born. My love for health, fitness and continual improvement passionately drives me to cultivate an environment of inspiration and success among those I associate with. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University and formed my first corporation while still in college. The company grew to become a multi-million dollar worldwide defense contracting firm specializing in video surveillance solutions for hazardous environments. Some notable projects were Fukushima, Chernobyl, CHEMDMIL, Perry Nuclear, Southern Nuclear, INEEL and Hanford Nuclear Waste. I still drink my TBM blend every morning and enjoy remarkable health well into my 60's!


I spent the first third of my life outdoors; working construction, camping and playing a variety of sports. While still in my youth, I ate the way most of us did, surviving on fast food, cold cereal and sugary sodas. I could eat whatever I wanted, survive on almost no sleep and still feel amazing. It was AWESOME! All along, every adult told me, “enjoy it while your young, because once you hit my age it will all catch up with you.” It turns out, they were right. I married and started working an office job in my early 20’s. I got very little exercise, other than hiking, and continued my poor eating habits. With every year that passed, my energy and activity levels decreased. The only things increasing were my waistline and shirt size! I became dependent on caffeinated drinks to survive the workday. Then I met Dave Erickson. I was completely blown away by both his fitness and energy. I was more than 10 years younger than him, but felt at least 10 years older! He shared with me that the secret of his vitality was a life dedicated to nutrition, and that with a few changes, I could feel as good as he did. Sadly, I was too lazy and set in my ways to make those changes. When Dave developed his TBM (Total Body Maintenance) nutritional drink mix, I determined to try it, with the hope that I could reclaim some of the life I had surrendered. After less than a week of starting my day with a TBM shake, I noticed that my afternoon brain fog had disappeared. I've lost weight, feel great and have more energy now in my mid-50’s than I did at 40! I’m excited by the opportunity to help others feel as great as I now do, thanks to Eudoma!


Imagine if, for just a moment, that one does not count the years that they are alive to determine their age. What if your age was solely based on the way that you felt on the inside, physically, mentally, emotionally; how old would you be?  Yet, the reality is that the number of years that have passed since one takes their first breath is what dictates their age. I have never been one to allow the latter to dictate my age. Born in 1950 in Bronx, New York, I was raised in a middle-class Jewish-American household. Food was always at the center of every family gathering, ethnic foods that were laden with sauces, oils, dairy, and fat. Surely, I thought to myself,  this couldn’t be a healthy way of life. In my youth, I made it my mission to eat healthily and be as active as I could. I enjoyed the outdoors, swimming, playing tennis, soccer, bowling, even partaking in the occasional drag race. By my early twenties, I married my high school sweetheart, had our first child, and the newlywed period quickly ended. I worked full time while attending technical school and college, ultimately earning degrees and certification in Computer Technology, IT, and Business Management.  Eventually work and family became my main focus and health started to take a back seat to carpools, coaching little league, household duties, and chocolate chip cookies. I became a successful entrepreneur in the mid-1990s and took risks on investing in start-up companies. Being a business owner in the world of technology often left me sitting at a desk behind a computer screen rather than on the tennis courts or soccer fields with my two sons. By the early 2000’s I decided enough was enough. My mom and dad both passed away at relatively young ages due to cancer and heart disease. I was rapidly approaching that point of no return and realized it was time for a mid-life breakthrough.  I decided that I would no longer allow my years on this planet to be the factor that dictated my age.  I began to eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fewer fats. I traded unhealthy habits of soda and chocolate chip cookies for vitamins and supplements. I traded countless hours behind a desk for walking 10,000 steps a day. Now in my early 70’s I feel better than I did when I was in my 50’s. Because of my healthy habits and supplementation of Zymeboost+ and TBM, I’ve been able to lower my A1C, reduce my LDL, decrease my acid reflux, and for the first time in my life; IBS no longer plagues my body. At this stage of my life, it only seemed natural to shift my business focus from technology to Health and Wellness. I have chosen to become a part-owner of Eudoma after a very successful product trial. Partnering up with Dave Erickson and adopting his mission to help every person on this planet get healthy is one that resonated with me to the core and I look forward to the many healthy success stories to come!


Barry Bryant - WAN Acceleration

My entire career has been spent in the technology arena. Over the course of these years I became a chair sloth both in my job and in front of the TV. In my fifties I started road biking and was introduced to endurance sports. I had gained a lot of weight (from my earlier non-active years) and could not even come close to staying up with my fellow cyclists. A little embarrassed, I knew I needed better health and started a nutrition program which has come to include Eudoma's TBM Superfood Mix and ZymeBoost+ patented enzyme complex. I have lost over 60 lbs and have never felt better. I love Eudoma’s message... “When given proper nutrition, our bodies have the capacity to heal ourselves”. Having vitality in my later life has allowed me to live freely and actively without many of the severe complications we sometimes acquire from bad eating habits. I reversed the trend before it was too late! I continue to ride in excess of 200 miles per week in my 60's and still feel great. Eudoma’s products allow me to consume great nutrition that has revitalized my life. I know it can do the same for you!


I watched my father age, being ill with diabetes for 10-15 years. Diabetes crippled his normal active lifestyle and he eventually became home bound. Before the disease set in he was very active, golf being one of his greatest loves. His physical decline persuaded me to try and stay physically fit, thinking that my efforts might produce a better outcome than my fathers - in my later years. I have been dedicated to fitness each day since making up my mind all those years ago, yet my blood glucose numbers have continued to climb every year. Then, I was introduced to TBM (Total Body Maintenance) and ZymeBoost (patented Enzyme Complex) from Eudoma by my co-workers and decided that I would try them based on the information I received. What did I have to lose, right? I regularly have my blood tested and these are my results shortly after beginning to Edoma's products: March of 2019 Glucose 125, A1C 5.7, September of 2019 Glucose 118, A1C 5.5, March 2020 Glucose 117, A1C 5.4, September 2020 Glucose 108, A1C 5.4, March 2021 Glucose 105, A1C 5.3. I am beyond happy as my blood sugar numbers have decrease and have stayed lower than I ever thought possible. I am now a diehard believer and jumped onboard as an owner when the opportunity presented itself. I am now 72 years old and could not be happier with my health. I contribute my decreasing blood sugars and good health to Eudoma's products. I continue to live a healthy lifestyle and am grateful for a product that is helping me keep my sugars in check.


The name Andrew means, "The Manly One," but for the past 10 years I honestly haven't been feeling very manly.  It all started with a series of unfortunate events leading to neck and back surgeries, pain killers, constipation and gut issues galore. Things were a mess downstairs, and I needed answers. I tried several different supplements, including enzymes, to try and get things rolling again.  Some worked a little, but most didn't work at all. I had pretty much given up on oils, pills and powders, when I was introduced to ZymeBoost digestive enzymes by a good friend. He said he wanted me to try a new product that took 8 years to develop and holds an international patent. He said it would change my life. Yeah right, I had heard that line before, so I proceed cautiously! What began as a simple curiosity, quickly turned into a daily regimen of using ZymeBoost before every meal and again at bedtime. The results were nothing short of a miracle as I started introducing their unique enzyme complex into my GI tract. I was hooked! My gut issues and digestive road blocks quickly resolved and I started feeling like my old self again. I joined the Eudoma Team in 2020 to help tell the world about these amazing products that are so much more than pills and powders in a bottle. I have family and friends with severe digestive issues including hashimoto's disease, gluten and dairy intolerance, IBS and shingles that are now experiencing the same positive results from Eudoma's products like I am. In an industry filled with exaggerations, fancy labels and false advertising, Eudoma has restored my belief that there are still good companies that have integrity and produce science based products that can change lives. It changed mine. And yes, I'm happy to report... I'm feeling manly again!