Eudoma Founder

I was an unusual child. I liked liver.  

From as far back as I can remember, I scoured nutrition labels to see if my food was as nutritious as it  could be. In elementary school I devoured a paperback nutritional almanac, which became my go-to  reference to identify the most nutritious foods. When I discovered that liver was extremely nutritious, I  asked my mother to buy liver. I was so consumed with nutrition that I happily ate anything that I  thought was good for me -- regardless of taste. 

Dave's Drink Stand 1958

 Like many of you, I read every book or article on nutrition I could get my hands on. And like many of you, I was confused what the best type of diet was. There are so many conflicting opinions and articles  from experts -- who has the most credible research? Who are the leading authorities? What evidence  supports their claims? Like many of you, I concluded that the science of nutrition is too complex to  understand.  

So I decided to experiment on myself. I had the perfect laboratory -- I have lifted weights and played  morning basketball all my life, and I have to eat. I would simply pay close attention to how I felt when I  ate different foods and supplements. I expanded my studies to include historical, scriptural and other  writings in addition to health publications. I tried various foods and supplements, vitamins and  minerals, one at a time to see if I felt stronger or more energetic or less exhausted. If I didn’t notice any  improvement from a particular food or supplement, I discontinued it. When I felt or could document  improvement, I would stop eating the particular supplement and then later return to it to see if I could  repeat the results.


My formula evolved over 40 years. During the early years, I focused on ingredients that improved my  strength, quickness and stamina. Later I turned to ingredients that increased energy and improved  digestion. As I approached my senior years, I sought ingredients that relieved pain or prevented  degenerative disease like reduced vision, hearing, memory and arthritis.  

As I studied, I discovered that much of the food we eat is grown from genetically altered seeds. For me,  that was troubling. I was stunned to discover that I could not find food sources from natural seeds  without genetic modification. It appeared that all commercial crops come from genetically modified  seeds. Where could I find pure, natural foods?  

The answer was unexpected. I discovered two pure nutrition sources: algae and mushrooms. Both  algae (specifically spirulina and chlorella) and mushrooms are non-seed based and contain remarkably  dense nutrition -- even better than liver. I began to build my “super mix” around algae and mushrooms,  with the other 50% of ingredients selected from compounds with good clinical research or solid history in Chinese medicine.  

After 40 years of personal experimentation and the latest in scientific research on whole food nutrition,  an extraordinary blend has emerged with over 160 ingredients that support the health of every vital  organ in the body. This formula was examined and improved by Dr. Tracy Gibbs, Ph.D Pharmacognosy,  who developed specialized versions of the blend for men and women. 

To date, this formula has evolved to support all of following; energy, libido, memory, arthritis, vision,  joints, back, hearing, blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion, anti-inflammatories, free radical scavenger,  heart health, liver health and recovery.  


In 2010 at the age of 56, I suffered a torn rotator cuff playing basketball. I sought treatment from Dr.  Kurt Kimball, who was with a major university and had treated severe sports injuries. After my surgery,  Dr. Kimball commented that my shoulder injury was the most severe he had ever seen -- requiring 9 king clamps to pull my rotator cuff back together. My physical therapist examined my x-rays and estimated  that I might recover in six months but that at my age, I might never achieve full range of motion. After  only 6 weeks I was released with full range of motion in my shoulder.  

On April 29th, 2016, while playing basketball, I suffered a direct finger poke deep into my right eye that  ruptured the globe, tore out the iris, tore out the lens and detached the retina. My doctor described it  as a “squashed grape” and gave me little chance of seeing again with that eye. I was referred to a  specialist for surgery. The surgeon located the puncture and was amazed that it had “self-sealed.” He  applied 9 sutures to the tear and proceeded to attach the retina – a procedure that required two hours and almost a 1,000 laser shots to complete. The surgeon said the eye required several weeks to recover  before additional procedures. At the next exam the doctor said, I don’t know what you’re doing but  you’re healing faster than any of my patients ever have.  

At the three month mark I was examined for further procedures, including the fitting of an iris and lens.  My doctor thought it would be a good idea to do a vitrectomy to remove some scar tissue before the  lens and iris were implanted. In the course of that surgery, the doctor was shocked to see that healing  was so extensive that the stiches had become embedded. He was able to remove all nine stiches and  said that my recovery was several months premature -- that I seem to heal much faster than everyone  else.  

Soon after my lens/iris surgery, I took an eye test. The nurse gave me a large black spoon to cover my  good eye and asked me to read down as far as I could go. I noticed that she kept looking around at me.  She told me that she thought I was cheating because she had never seen anyone with an injury like mine read that far down the chart even after a year of healing. I tested 20/32. Two months out of surgery I  set another record by testing 20/25.  


I believe I'm in excellent health for someone my age. I’m 69 years old. I take no prescription drugs. I have normal blood pressure. I have normal testosterone levels and no prostate issue. I have no arthritic pain.  My vision is 20/15 in my left eye and 20/25 in my right. I don’t yet need hearing aids. I’ve never had Covid or any serious illnesses. I credit my good health to nutrition, and I believe that my blend is an important part of it. I believe that given the right nutrients, the body can heal itself in remarkable ways. I can confidently say that if I drop dead  tomorrow, it won’t be from a poor diet.

~ Dave