Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We believe in the power of nature and know that when the body is properly nourished it has the capacity to heal itself of nearly every disease. We believe that proper nutrition is a powerful component to youthful levels of vitality. We believe that the best contributor to optimal dietary health is the prudent use and preparation of the earth’s wide variety of enzymes, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants.

The above methods are extremely healthy, but would require an extensive shopping list and a great deal of preparation time. Many families and individuals do not have the time, interest or even the cooking skills to embrace this “gold standard” nutrition plan. Is there a way to achieve or exceed this healthy eating course without the time, investment or copious shopping list? What if you could enjoy a meal plan of 150+ diverse Super Ingredients (Superfoods, Healing Plants, Vitamins & Minerals)? What if you had access to the remarkable rejuvenating plants found only in remote locations like the Brazilian rain forests or the high Andes Mountains of Peru?  What if this ideal could all be brought together in a convenient and delicious Superfood blend?

We would like to introduce (TBM) Total Body Maintenance by Eudoma Labs™. We have dedicated four decades of testing and research, in order to optimize the human physiology with the use of rare and elite Superfood nutritional sources. Nutrient dense TBM brings this exotic combination together in a convenient and appealing whole food super blend.

TBM has 150+ diverse Super Ingredients (Superfoods, Healing Plants, Vitamins & Minerals) - ingredients to assist in proper nutrient absorption and complete digestion. We add wholesome ingredients to assist in their utilization by all organs and cells of the body. The goal is optimized physiology that supports healing, slows aging, reinforces normal energy, enhances vitality and contributes to laser focus and a heightened sense of wellbeing.