Zymeboost+ Triglycerides Test

Report prepared by: Health Education Corporation (HEC)
CLIA #46D0914948

Effects of ZymeBoost+ on Serum Triglycerides

Using the Cholestech CDX CLIA approved testing device, five individuals were tested for Triglyceride levels 30 min. after ingesting a meal containing 30 grams of fat. The meal was consumed at 1:00 PM. The individuals consisted of …

  • A- Male, 62 years old, 198 pounds.
  • B- Male, 42 years old, 178 pounds
  • C- Female, 40 years old, 145 pounds
  • D- Male, 27 years old, 140 pounds
  • E- Female, 24 years old, 125 pounds.

Day 1- Test results were as follows
A-264 B-340 C-285 D-310 E-375

Day 2- Using the same testing devise and the same food source, one day later at the same time the following results were recorded
A-259 B-347 C-291 D-306 E-375

*Using this comparison we established that a +/- 3% result from the same meal could be used as a standard for the testing device.

Day 3- The following day using the same meal, at the same time with the same testing devise, a 500mg capsule of ZymeBoost+ was taken 1 min. prior to the beginning of the meal. Blood was drawn 30. Min later and the results were as follows
A-232 B-316 C-277 D-254 E-228

Day 4- Following the same procedures as the previous day 500mg of ZymeBoost+ was added 1 min. prior to the meal. Results were as follows
A-229 B-312 C-275 D-248 E-234

*Using this comparison we established that the addition of ZymeBoost+ taken orally 1 min. prior to a meal high in fats would reduce blood triglyceride levels by an average of 15% to 18 %.

** Although further studies will be necessary, HEC believes this to be a good foundation for the continued research on oral enzyme consumption. HEC now establishes the hypothesis that oral aspergillus enzymes, taken prior to mealtime will lower blood triglyceride levels thus preventing heart disease according to the CH hypothesis established by the Framingham Heart study.